Mystic Circles

Women’s circles have always had a place in history. From the Menstrual Huts and Moon Lodges dating back as far as 800 CE to the tupperware parties, sewing circles, and book clubs of the last 50 years. We are currently in an amazing time where women are embracing their femininity and beginning to gather in circle to connect on a more spiritual level. Mystic Sisters wants to provide the opportunity for all women to find strength in circles, realizing we are all connected and there is so much we can gain from when we gather together.

With Mystic Circles you will be given an opportunity with the guidance of 2 of our sisters to be part of your own circle in your home or a rented space. We will a create a safe and magical space opening the doors to healing, transformation, silence, and sacred witnessing.

Circles include… ( but not limited to)

  • A guided Meditation (varies depending on the needs of the group)

  • A fire release ceremony

  • Intention setting

  • Use of oracle cards to receive guidance

  • Cleansing ( through the use of sage or palo santo)

  • Opportunity to safely share, witness, and connect


$333 for up to 10 people for 2 hours with guidance

$444 for 3 hours and added offerings

( contact for more details)

In the circle we are all equal
When in the circle no one is in front of you
No One is above you
No one is below you
The sacred circle is designed to create unity

- Lakota Wisdom -