Meet Susanne


Hello, I'm Susanne.  I was born and raised in a small town in Saskatchewan, playing competitive sports from an early age.  As a teacher and lifelong learner, physical and mental health have always been a priority of mine. While going through my own personal physical health struggle for over a year and a half, I discovered the benefits and missing aspect of the spiritual side to health.  These findings came through the study of yoga in my 200 YTT, meditation, mindfulness, reiki, crystal therapy, and several courses involving women circling all over the world and tapping into their inner strength, power and wisdom with New York Times Bestselling authors Lisa Lister and Rebecca Campbell.

Circling with like-minded women both near and far as well as tapping into the various aspects of my intuition and inner wisdom have provided me the opportunity to connect with and live my truest version of myself.

My passion is working one-on-one with clients in Energy Healing Sessions to assist them in becoming more aware of themselves and so that they can learn to facilitate their own healing with my business Soul Sense.

In my downtime, you can find me enjoying outdoor activities with my husband, daughter and our dog: practicing yoga, Olympic Weightlifting, running the trails in St. Albert, reading, writing, studying new courses, and hosting and attending moon circles during the new and full moons.

"When we are truly in our power, with the courage to look honestly at everything with clarity of mind, and are not attached to any outcome we are free to accept ourselves, others and every situation just as it is." 

~Susanne Venaas