Meet Rae


Hello, I am Rae. A little about me, born and raised in Edmonton, I have such love for this city and the community of people that call Edmonton home.  I am a single mom of two wonderful children and I am so proud of them!

As a Corporate Professional I have spent over 2 decades developing and applying my knowledge in the fields of operations, corporate change, health, wellness, training and workplace safety.  Knowing that I needed to find balance within my own life I studied and became a yoga teacher, then follows that part to become a advanced yoga teacher. I began practicing Reiki, proceeded to become certified level 1 & 2 and now I am working on my Reiki Master training.   

I love nature, sunshine and spending time with those people who help me to be my authentic self.  What gives me the most happiness is helping others, I have spent the majority of my adult life working to help people find their passion and have that passion become reality.

I am looking forward to helping you to find your passion, your community and love for your self.