Welcome to Mystic Sisters


Welcome to Mystic Sisters. We are group of women who met by chance, fate, destiny, a force unseen. Any and all of these descriptions are fitting, as we knew we were meant to work together to shift not only how we show up with one another, but how we show up in our families, the community, and in work. Real, vulnerable and willing to speak the truth.

We feel the shift in how people want to show up with one another and with ourselves in an open and honest way, and want to provide the supports in which to do this.

We are beyond excited to get to know so many of you, and are grateful you have chosen us to help you facilitate your growth and change on this path we call life.

‘Genuine sisterhood is the capacity to truly be there for another without expecting anything in return. To rest into the raw, sacred, vulnerable power of being a woman, and witness the same in another without feeling inadequate...It’s about owning the crazy, wild, and unpredictable parts of us and others without judgment...Genuine sisterhood is a powerful force. Untameable. Impenetrable. Unstoppable.’ ~ Rebecca Campbell, Rise Sister Rise

In deepest gratitude,

Rae, Tara, Clare, and Susanne

The Mystic Sisters